Non-confidential Information.

Any information provided to Twin Disc by viewers through this website is considered non-confidential, and Twin Disc has no obligation to protect such information from disclosure. All information you submit to Twin Disc, whether in the form of questions, comments, feedback, survey responses, emails, requests or orders for information, or suggestions or ideas relating to Twin Disc products and services, are deemed non-confidential, and Twin Disc is free to disclose or use such information for whatever purposes it deems appropriate. This includes any information that a viewer may send to Twin Disc through any link provided on this website. When you submit any information to Twin Disc through this website, including without limitation ideas, suggestions, know how, concepts, methods and processes, you grant Twin Disc a royalty-free, irrevocable, unrestricted, worldwide license to use, distribute, display, copy, perform, modify and transmit such materials or information, in any format and on or though any medium. You agree not to provide Twin Disc with any information through this website that you obtained illegally, or that constitutes confidential information or trade secrets of others unless you have the written authorization of the owner of such information to do so.

Confidential Information.

Because Twin Disc regards all information submitted through this website as non-confidential, you are strongly urged not to disclose personal data or other information that you do not wish to be made public. If you do submit such information to Twin Disc through this website, it will not be treated as confidential even if you ask that it be treated confidentially. If you wish to submit confidential information to Twin Disc, either through this website or through other channels, you must contact Twin Disc other than through this website and sign (and have us sign) a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

Links and Linking Rights.

Our website may contain links to other websites. Twin Disc provides such links as a convenience to viewers, but the presence of a link on our website does not mean that Twin Disc endorses or sponsors the linked organization, or that there is any association of any kind between Twin Disc and the linked site, or that Twin Disc has made any review of the content of the linked site. Twin Disc is not responsible for the content of any linked site, nor of the privacy or data-gathering practices of the owners of any linked sites.

Twin Disc reserves the right to approve any instance of another website including a link to this website. In general, however, any website that displays a link to Twin Disc’s website must, at a minimum, (i) link only to the complete home page of this website; (ii) not modify the appearance of this website, or cause it or any part of it to be framed; (iii) not cause any part of this website to be disabled or inaccessible; and (iv) not use a link to this website in any manner that is misleading, defamatory, prurient, offensive or negative in any way including, without limitation, in a manner that adversely impacts the good will or reputation of Twin Disc, its products and services, or this website. If Twin Disc provides written notification to any person or entity linking to this website to remove the link from that person or entity’s website, that person or entity must do so immediately, and will be responsible for all costs, including legal fees and related expenses, we incur to enforce our rights under this provision.

Choice of Law, Jurisdiction and Venue.

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Twin Disc may modify these terms of use from time to time without prior notice. All changes will be posted to this website, and any access or use of the website is deemed acceptance of the modified terms.