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Marine Transmissions

Twin Disc offers more than 100 different marine transmission models in a variety of configurations ranging from 35 to over 4000 horsepower.

From the smallest to the largest high-speed diesel-powered pleasure craft to a myriad of commercial boat applications, Twin Disc has marine transmission systems that precisely fit the horsepower and operating needs of each.

Our standard marine transmissions feature helical gearing for quieter operation; hydraulic-operated and oil-cooled clutches for smooth, fast shifting; identical reduction ratios in forward and reverse, full power forward and reverse and minimal external plumbing.

Some models are available with down angle output to provide near-level engine installation, a feature of particular interest to boat builders for optimizing space within the vessel. For additional space savings, remote mounted V-drive and direct-mounted V-drive models are available.

QuickShift® - You've Got To Feel It To Believe It

No other marine transmission in the world shifts as fast and smooth as the Twin Disc QuickShift, yet it provides amazing slow speed control at one knot or less. With its patented, completely internal and integrated clutch actuating system, QuickShift instantly delivers cushioned torque to the driveline when shifting from neutral to anywhere from full ahead to full reverse. It eliminates driveline shock while optimizing power to the driveshaft. And all this happens literally within milliseconds. So you have a steep but smooth power curve, whether you go full out or just nudge the throttle.

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