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In 1918, Twin Disc originated a power transmission technology that changed the way the world works.

For nine decades, Twin Disc has been developing, engineering, manufacturing and distributing power transmission products that make things work. They are seldom seen, but they go into machines that contribute to the standard of our lives.

Twin Disc products are installed in the drivelines and powertrains of farm tractors, road pavers, cranes, mining trucks, oil field equipment, logging equipment, airport firefighting and rescue vehicles, pleasure craft, fishing and work boats, pumps, turbines - you name it. They manage and control the horsepower generated by internal combustion engines and electric motors. They help feed us, provide natural resources, build our cities and homes, transport us, defend us and influence our lives daily in many unnoticed but critical ways.

Where there's a need to convert horsepower to productivity, Twin Disc has a way to do it. So, in a very real sense, Twin Disc has helped put the world to work, for nearly a century.

Twin Disc History: Four Generations of Vision and Dedication

  • 1918: P.H. Batten, one of the founders, started the company with the first "twin disc" clutch for farm tractors and construction equipment.
      A variety of power transmission products were developed, including marine transmissions and industrial torque converters.
  • 1948: John H. Batten took leadership and continued product development with drivelines and power-shift transmissions.
  • 1960s and 1970s: Twin Disc experienced significant growth during the construction boom.
      John H. Batten expanded the company internationally in both manufacturing and distribution.
  • 1980s: During the bottom of the recession, Michael Batten refocused Twin Disc's product and market strategies and restructured the company's manufacturing operations.
  • 1990s: Twin Disc became a major player - if not the market leader - in each of its market segments and added new technologies such as electronic controls and propulsion products to the product mix.
  • 1996: John Batten joined Twin Disc as the fourth generation of Batten leadership.
  • 2013: Recently elected President and CEO, John Batten has seen the company confronted with global economic extremes and increasing competition. John has demonstrated the wisdom, commitment and fortitude to lead Twin Disc through these challenging times and sustain its market leadership.

Yet the story and success of Twin Disc goes beyond its leadership. Countless employees have provided creativity and ingenuity in the design, manufacture and application of its products to a wide variety of machines and equipment in the off-highway markets. Their dedication and loyalty to the company and its mission has been a powerful engine for success over the years.

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