Company History


Four generations of vision and dedication

  • 1918: P.H. Batten and partners introduce the first “twin disc” clutch for farm tractors and, soon after, construction equipment. In ensuing years the company develops marine transmissions, industrial torque converters and other products.
  • 1948: John H. Batten takes the reins and leads development of drivelines and power-shift transmissions.
  • 1960s and 1970s: Twin Disc grows significantly as construction booms. John H. Batten leads international expansion in both manufacturing and distribution.
  • 1983: Michael Batten is elected president and CEO. In the depths of recession, he refocuses Twin Disc’s product and market strategies and restructures manufacturing.
  • 1990s: Twin Disc leads or is a major player in each of its market segments. The product mix grows with new technologies such as electronic controls and propulsion products.
  • 2008: John Batten is named president and chief operating officer, the fourth generation of Batten leadership. He succeeds Michael Batten as president and CEO in 2013.
  • 2015: In the face of global economic extremes and increasing competition, John Batten leads diversification of the Twin Disc portfolio with aggressive growth initiatives in new and emerging industrial product markets, strategic acquisitions, and a “think global, act local” restructuring.

Yet the story and success of Twin Disc goes beyond its leadership. Countless employees have provided creativity and ingenuity in product design, manufacture and application to a huge variety of machines and equipment. The dedication and loyalty of our people is ultimately the powerful engine driving Twin Disc’s success.